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Save the date for the funk

You want The Funk? We got The Funk. This is the third go around, and we're about to sauce your faces with the funkiest funk in town. Prepare your earholes for the funky toons to take over your brain. We want to see your gnarliest dance moves matched to our funkiest bass grooves. Raise your kids with The Funk and carry them on your funky dad shoulders. There's going to be killer eats, the funkiest of drinks and more grooves than we can handle. Don't miss it. The Funk might not forgive you.  

the funky show masters

TIN ROOF and their crew are the kings of the funky show. They make this whole funky-jive- train go. They are Baton Rouge's LARGEST craft brewers, and their beers bring that good funk to your taste buds. Come and show them and BR's funkiest crews some love. Bring your dancin' kicks, and your leopard print slacks, cause we're getting as funky as we can in this motha.

walk your slappy feet to the funk

Don't waste THE FUNK’S time. Get your funky tails down to the funk spot. All the best bass slappin, drum beatin, and funky sound is going down at the Tin Roof Brewery in Baton Rouge. Click the icon above and get them funky coordinates right on your smart phizzone or saucy computer screen. Help your friends find The Funk, ya dig?